In the aftermath of a decision by the Government of Kerala to start Government Colleges in assembly constituencies where there are neither aided colleges nor Government colleges, Govt College Karunagappally/Thazhava was started in 2016, fulfilling the need for an institution of higher learning in government sector. At the beginning, there were three departments, namely, Department of English, Department of Malayalam and Department of Commerce (Finance). The Department of Sociology was started functioning in 2018. This college serves as a centre of higher learning to students coming from more than 20 feeding higher secondary school in an around Karunagappally Taluk, apart from those students coming from nearby districts. Most of the students studying in the college belong to the socially and economically backward sections of the society. The college is now housed in a rented building 2.5 Km away from NH 47 on Vavvakkavu Anayadi road, Efforts to relocate the college to the suburbs of Karunagappally town are afoot and the Government has already issued necessary orders in this regard. The college has, as of now, a student strength of 330 and is being run by a dedicated team of 19 teachers, 5 of the faculty being permanent and others guest lecturers. Though it is nascent stage and with teething problems, the Government College Karunagappally has become a beacon of hope in the educational pursuit of the area and is poised to forge ahead in the years to come.